Yr Eithin

The Management Committee are now the officially the lease holders of the land, ensuring that this continues to belong to the Community.

Our Community woodland is being looked after by a team of twelve enthusiastic volunteers who are prepared to give up some of their time to simply look after the woodlands and in time restore to its former glory.
The main volunteer activity is conservation or environmental improvement. This can involve routine maintenance, coppicing, removal of invasive and non-native species, encouraging biodiversity, creating paths and maintaining walls and tree planting.

Our proposed plans are to date working as a community and in partnership with 'Probation Services' to improve access and paths. We hold monthly Working Parties which everyone is able to attend, we usual opt for a Sunday from approximately 10am til 1pm. So please join us and keep an eye out for the dates.

Since taking on responsibility for Yr Eithin we've added seating areas, with picnic tables to follow. We've completed a lot of tree management, in and around the area and this again will continue, working with our neighbours on Bryn Onnen and Church Road. We have cleared path ways and restored streams to assist in managing water flow and path management. More work is planned in the coming weeks to restore the paths working in partnership with Hanson Quarry.

Due to the felling of some dangerous trees, the embankment by the pond area has become an area of concern and due to our big plans of sourcing funding to enable us to build a safe decked area. This plan has slightly changed with some major work being completed in the coming weeks to ensure it safe and accessible. Watch out!!

We have fitted a bench to enable us to enjoy the pond and our local ducks who are thriving in the pond and have been given a lovely floating home to keep away from predators and in the last couple of weeks have been joined by some ladies too, so hopefully nature will run its course.

Click here to see a detailed map of the land (pdf).