Minutes February 2015

Minutes of Penderyn Management Committee

11th February 2015


Huw Jones (Acting Chair)
Tracy Hodges (Secretary)
Phil Wardle (Treasurer
Margaret Amos
Cerys Grindle (Caretaker)
Margaret Thomas
Mary O’Grady
Joy Owen
Christine Evans


Joyce Morgan
Tom Jones

Caretakers Report

Playscheme reported that the toaster is broke. It was agreed that we would replace this with a new one, but if it breaks again then the playscheme will have buy a new one.

Taps are left running in the toilets by the playscheme and the youth club and there needs to be contact with both groups to ensure that these are turned off throughout the sessions and also at the end of the session.

Piano seat was also reported damaged.

Projector screen in the shutter cupboard has also been damaged due to too much equipment being stored behind the roller shutter. ( TSH) to contact playscheme with regard to this. It was agreed by the committee that the computer cupboard should be used for the storage of electrical goods.

Lock on disabled toilet broke. (HJ) to get a new lock.

(MO) suggested copy of the minutes to all groups.

  • Contract of employed – (MO) is sorting this out
  • Payment records – if (CG) wages exceed £111 a week, then should would have to pay NI and tax.
  • Issues arising – already done.
  • Probation Team – no problem.

Training for (CG) – Health and Safety, Emergency First Aid at Work, COSH and Minimal Handling. This would amount to about £270, which would be paid by the Management Committee. We might be able to get it free through College Cymoth. (TH) looking into this. (MO) looking into safety for (CG).

Minutes were considered and adopted (MO) and (HJ).

Treasurers report was given and copies were handed to all committee members.

Secretary’s Report

The Centre is receiving lots of bookings. We have done a buffer for Glamorgan Farmers and also Geopark last month. We have St David’s night on the 26 February, Fit Camp is also using the Centre as well as a workshop for Lisa on a Sunday.

We have also had enquiries for Michelle Walker who is managing a theatre project through Tower Funding. They are arranging a viewing of the Centre with the possibility of this project going ahead in 2017.

We have also had enquiries from Learn About with is an Educational Organisation. They have volunteers who are looking for work for at least six months, thirty hours a week. We are due to meet with them on Monday. The organisation would vet each one of them with regard to what has to be done.

Easter Scavenger Hunt is to be held on the 6 April between 2 and 4, which is Easter Monday. This would go along the same theme as last year with an Easter egg hunt, raffle, food etc.

Football field – the Sports Association have the tenancy at the moment. They are concerned
about funds at present and have asked if the Management Committee would be prepared to take over the tenancy. The Lease is between the Church in Wales and the Penderyn Sports Association since 2009 at the price of £240 a year.

Development Plan for Tower Funding. This has to be submitted to Tower by the beginning of March with regard to having support for a café at the Community Centre. Copies of the proposal were handed around to Committee Members for comments and alterations and to let (TH) know if any.

The old Post Office room – it was agreed that this could be made into a galley kitchen for uses of the Centre and all were in favour of this. (HJ) to give us a price for the work to be done.