Blas y Bannau

We have a Voluntary Management Committee which is currently working on establishing Blas y Bannau Cafe.

It is intended that that Blas y Bannau will be self-funding in time but we will initially use grants to get it up and running. The cafe will offer residents and tourists a place where they can meet family and friends in a warm, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Blas y Bannau will offer high quality service together with traditional food using produce sourced locally where possible.

We intend to use the naturally lit space of the cafe to showcase work from local artists and photographers. It will initially be run by volunteers but we plan to create local employment opportunities.

We are pleased to announce that earlier this year we have gained initial funding to get started with our aspirations. Due to time delays, the initiating of our plans are slow but in the mean time we are pleased that the money is still being used to improve much needed facilities at the centre. We are pleased to be meeting with RCTCBC next week to enable changes to be made officially to the lease we hold with them.

The proposed plans for the centre can be seen here.

We are currently able to offer catering for meetings, conferences and parties so please contact us for details.